Kennel Widhovs


After more than 20 years with hovawart och after careful consideration our aim is now to try to start a small-scale breeding of hovawart dogs. Consequeltly we have established our kennel. We live in the Swedish countryside in Vellinge, 10 kilometers south of Malmö and about the same distance from the Öresundsbron (bridge to Denmark).

Who are we?

* March 23, 1950
† April 19, 2019

I was probably born with an interest for dogs. My parents had GermanShepherd as well as Collie. My first memory of a dog at home was that of a smooth-haired Foxterrier named Zita. My first dog that really was my own was a black Poodle, Hildehouse Gipsy Showgirl. Her breeders, Folke och Birgitta Hildebrand, made me interested i dog shows and I learned from them, that you can do much more together with your dog than just ”play and walk”.

Hovawart came into my life 1989. I have had seven since then.

I am a working member of the Swedish Working-Dog Association (WDA) in different ways. In Skanör-Falsterbo Local WDA I am an instuctor for the puppy classes and also a figurant at Mental Behaviour tests I have been a member of the board of the Swedish Hovawart Club for some years and am now its president. I am also a member of the Simrishamn Local WDA, the Swedish Kennel Club, the Danish Kennel Club and the Danish Hovawart Club.



Like all kids I wanted a dog when I was a little boy, but this was not realized until Louise and I jointly got hovawart in1989.

Just as Louise, I am taking an active part in local and nationwide dog associations as member of their committees and in other ways. Member of Svedala working dog association, the Swedish Kennel club and Hovawart club.